Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activity

May 29th, 2020

At The Greensboro Center for Pediatric Dentistry, our goal is to always provide a positive and FUN experience for our patients. We also know it is also important to have fun at home - so we thought we'd bring you a cool and simple project to do at home.

What we used:

  • Plastic Knife and Spoon
  • Six Chop sticks (can also use kabob sticks)
  • Four Jumbo Marshmallows
  • One Rubberband
  • Paper (A large piece to keep score and a tiny crumpled piece to be launched)
  • Pen or Marker (score keeping + creating score thresholds)


Now what?  Once you make your catapult, you can make a kitchen table-friendly game like we did. For the game set up you can set up tape, tent cards, bolws or cups (the cups or bowls will make it aim more challenging for older children). With the points you can challenge your child to keep a running total and practice their algebra skills. The catapult could also be used to play outside with friends or neighbors and do distance contests.

We did not come up wtih this all by ourselves, we found this awesome idea online on a blog called It's Always Autumn where you can click to view the step-by-step directions.