Pulpotomies (Nerve Treatments)

The pulp is found in the tooth’s inner core. It contains nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue, and reparative cells. Dental caries (cavities) and traumatic injury are the primary reasons for damage to the pulp. If a damaged pulp is left untreated, a child may experience pain, infection, and ultimate loss of the tooth. Pulpotomy (also called "nerve treatment", "children's root canal", or “pulp therapy”) is the treatment needed to save a tooth with an inflamed/injured pulp. Your dentist will need to obtain x-rays in order to assess the status of the pulp and recommend appropriate treatment. A pulpotomy is a common treatment that can usually be accomplished in one visit. During a pulpotomy procedure, your dentist will remove the diseased pulp tissue, place a medication to prevent bacterial growth, and place a crown to fully restore the tooth.

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